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Lift Me Higher


"Lift Me Higher - Poems for Young Wisdom and Why Your Child Needs This", is a compilation of lessons learned by me in the form of poetry.

I urge never underestimate even a small child. A child has innocence.  A child is just like a mud; it is unto the society and the family how they want their child to grow up. A child is always ready to learn new things, and also loves to enjoy the gift of life.

Only when he grows up, he is said that he has to follow the crowd, that removes all the happiness from him, all the innocence, his love to learn new things and the habit of making new friends easily,  forgiving people easily, always having trust on people, and sometimes the habit to live selflessly.

This book would help in learning how you or your child could live your life in such a way, that your dreams or your child's dreams may come true without disrupting others’ lives and lead a peaceful and harmonious life. Order Now!

Untitled Adventure/Science-Fiction Novel


 This Adventure/Sci-Fi Novel embarks on the journey of a young guy's dream to become the number one industrialist in the world. His journey is filled with strange incidents until he meets his dream girl, and his friends betray him later. During his frustration when he has given up hope, something happens to him which unravels unbelievable hidden secrets of the world from the past that completely changes the fate of the young guy as well as the world.

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